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Mr. G's Keys is your one-stop shop for keys, car remotes, watches, batteries, and MORE. We also have a selection of residential and commercial locks available for purchase. Pay us a visit and take a look at all that we have to offer. Buy a watch battery from us and have it installed for free!

Mr. G's Keys and More | Grand Rapids Locksmith | Locks, Lock Parts, Master Locks

We have a wide variety of new doorknobs, deadbolts, padlocks and more on hand at affordable prices. We can re-key a new lock to match existing keys also.


If you're in need of individual parts for a repair, these may be purchased by special request or your lock can be repaired on-site. Please call ahead with your request.

Mr. G's Keys and More | Grand Rapids Locksmith | Watches, Used Watches, Refurbished Watches, Watch Batteries

In addition to changing watch batteries,

we also offer band adjustments and other repair services. We have a quality selection of new, used and refurbished watches available for purchase at discounted prices.

All watches come with a limited 30-day warranty. 

Batteries are included and come with a 6-month warranty.

Mr. G's Keys and More | Grand Rapids Locksmith | Car Remotes, Keychains, Key Accessories
Auto Keys, Fobs & Remotes

Purchase your new OEM car key, fob or remote from Mr. G's Keys and have it programmed for free! If we don't have yours in stock, we'll order it at no additional cost to you. Bring in your own remote and have it programmed for $50.

If your old remote is worn or no longer working, we also provide parts and repair for many brands.

POLICIES: At Mr. G's Keys, we believe in honest service at fair prices. If you're not satisfied with either, let us know and we'll do our best to ensure your satisfaction.


We currently do not offer refunds on products or services.


See our SERVICES page for details on our policies regarding specific services.

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